My current rankings for new anime of the Winter 2010 season. [updated April rankings]

  1. Durarara!! – great ending to a strong first half earns Durarara!! the season’s top honors… fitting ep12 titled “Everything is Interconnected” shows the best aspects of the series.
    (Mar. – still my favorite show of the season…starting to see how more of the characters are related to each other and ep8 ending throws surprising twist.
    Feb. – kickass Baccano!-like OP… somewhat episodic but interesting and well linked by unique character ensemble.) [impressions]
  2. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu – returning to ‘class battles with summoned beings’ concept, series ends S1 well by balancing comedy with shounen theme of overcoming obstacles through hardwork, determination, and love as motivation… akihisa yoshii = best new male character of the season… looking forward to upcoming S2.
    (Mar. – has done well over last few eps to continue working with previously established jokes and good romantic comedy moments…will be looking for new material in coming eps.
    Feb. – surprisingly enjoyable despite stupid premise… ep3&4 have pretty funny moments.) [impressions]
  3. Hanamaru Kindergarten – overall a pleasantly surprising series that worked the light-hearted slice of life comedy well… the series ends right at the best time after tapping out all the little stories and relationships it had to offer and before becoming repetitive… ep12 closes with the most charming ending possible for the series.
    (Mar. – moving up #5–>#3: has stayed strong with new side characters, amusing parodies and references, and moe chibis… Hiiragi is awesome.
    Feb. – cute and funny enough so far, but I wonder just how long it can stay fresh…)
  4. Dance in the Vampire Bund – felt a little unpolished at times with cutout animation and sometimes imbalanced pacing, but would have been epic if Shaft could have taken its time and fleshed out the series in 24 eps…fight with shapeshifter in ep11 ends badass… overall pretty enjoyable and I will check out the manga for the series down the line.
    (Mar. – problems with Shaft in ep7 for missing scenes and delayed ep8; also has been hard to understand plot and characters’ motivations in recent eps.
    Feb. – strong start so far… was highly anticipated series and is living up to hype.)
  5. Omamori Himari – for whoever didn’t anticipate the ending that Yuto’s love for Himari would give her the strength to beat the two boss youkai characters, this must have been your first harem, supernatural action anime, and btw the romantic comedy resolution is the Himari + rest of harem ending. surprise! … still, decent animation, voice acting, and production quality.
    (Mar. – nothing ground-breaking, but decent animation and quick plot advancement make standardness acceptable.
    Feb. – following generic harem building introduction.)
  6. Ladies vs Butlers! – perfect example of what is wrong with the anime industry: great animation quality, but for what? the series was all ecchi, no story writing, and horrible ending that doesn’t resolve the overall problem. The entire harem cast laughs/sighs over how dumb Akiharu is to cue the end credits, while the viewer feels just as dumb for enduring the series. {i endure not by choice, but by obligation so i can critique}
    (Mar. – stupid storylines and hard to believe situations to force feed ecchi scenes, many of which sound like setups belonging in hentai; if I drank a shot for every panty shot in ep9, I would have been drunk by the end credits.
    Feb. – high animation quality, but proving to be uninspired ecchi smut as advertised.)
  7. Ookamikakushi – I would have bumped this higher b/c the revelations for the overall plot aren’t bad and the resolution and afterwards in ep11 is pretty acceptable. It felt like a visual novel with some high points lost in a slow, dragging plot.  But then ep12 came along, and it is so mind-numbingly bad that it could be one of the worst extra episodes that I have ever seen. I hope the game itself was pretty good, but the anime is most def. not.
    (Mar. – precipitous fall #4–>#7 reflective of how much I’ve lost interest in boring and slow plot; I usually like mysteries and “wtf is going on” anime series, but just don’t care about revelations and explanations beginning to be revealed in ep8.

    Feb. – intruging mystery, but ep 4 plagued with snail-like pacing (not much really happened until the last 3 minutes!)  and notable production quality declines.)

Sora no woto – on hold… didn’t I just finish K-On! last season? first few eps were fine if you can believe that those girls are part of the country’s military, which is asking a lot.

Seikon no Qwaser – dropped at ep2, too ridiculous a premise and massacred by censors… maybe retry when uncut version released, but unlikely.

Chu-Bra!! – dropped at ep1, I could can’t care less about the content.

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