Site Updates

Put up the new banner, same as the old banner but with cropped chibi characters. I’m pleased with it since I don’t have photoshop or much experience putting things like that together.

I should put out the disclaimer that I do not own any of the images used in this blog.
All characters and series are properties of their respective creators and licenses.
Whenever possible, please support the US anime and manga distributors for all licensed series.

As for thoughts on the format of this blog, I’m aiming for a Top 10 of 2008 post sometime in December. To do that, I’ll be watching as many 2008 shows from now until then that I can. As such, I’ll look to have posts on first impressions of any new shows that I start, probably after the first 3 episodes or so. I also will be doing a couple by-genre Top 5 Anime or Three Tiers of 2x2x2 to establish some sort of baseline for a reviews. There will also eventually be a Currently Watching/Finished/Dropped page to keep track of my own status for each series. I’ll be putting more thought into it and expanding as I go. Thanks.


Welcome for the first post in what I hope will become a successful anime blog. The site’s still very much a work in progress as I’ll need to work up a custom banner and figure out exactly what things I’ll be featuring on the blog, but with a bit of work, I’d like to get it to be on a similar level as a couple of the other blogs I’ve looked through – stuff like Cute Proxy’s Anime Rants and Neko Kyou’s Anime Blog. The dream is to gain enough notoriety that I could get a job as a freelance writer for one of the US anime magazines, but this blog is also gonna be a good way to express what I think of some of the shows I watch since not many of my friends are really into anime and manga.

Uh, so a little about me. I’ve been watching anime for a really long time now. Started with watching Dragonball Z in Chinese as a kid and “reading” some of my cousin’s comics that he bought in Chinatown (still can’t read Chinese for my life). The first shows I started watching in fansubs (I still remember buying the VHS tapes from the group) were Flame of Recca and To Heart, and I remember borrowing my friends’ VHS copies of dubbed Cowboy Bebop and Lain and CDs of fansubbed Kenshin during middle school. (I suddenly feel old, but I promise I’m not some old creepy guy. Seriously. I just started grad school.) I don’t remember when these were, but I watched Digimon instead of Pokemon when they were both really new, and Cartoon Network was still awesome back when they showed stuff like Outlaw Star and Trigun on weekday afternoons.

I don’t think I ever really started downloading fansubs until Naruto began (Wikipedia tells me that was in 2002 o.O). We were in high school and I still remember watching when Sasuke “dies” in the fight against Haku (spoiler? hahah) at my friend’s house and going “wtf!”. And from there through college I watched tons of anime using torrents and youtube/veoh/crunchyroll/onemanga, and now we’re here, writing a blog and recounting my history of becoming an otaku. I studied some Japanese during college and try to keep up with some jpop/jrock, but I don’t pretend to know much about either. I also really like collecting and playing video games, and I have a pretty nice ps2 collection going.

So thanks for checking out the inaugural post, and I hope this is the first of many that you find insightful.